Lynn Jenkins and Kirrili Lonergan, are a dynamic duo passionate about early intervention and guiding children to reach optimal social and emotional well-being. The Lessons of a LAC books, products and packages have evolved from an increased interest from schools and parents in assisting children to manage their worries, be it big or small! Together they created the Lessons of a LAC Anxiety Management Program which they present regularly at school and conferences. The sessions incorporate information, delivered both verbally and with the use of many visual aids, and they aim to leave children with a tool belt of anxiety management strategies.

Meet the Author

Lynn Jenkins is a practicing and experienced clinical psychologist, mindfulness teacher and author. She is extremely passionate about early intervention and children's social/emotional development. Her passion has lead her to write several books Best Start, School Start and a series of picture books: Lessons of a LAC, Brave, Perfect Petunias, Grey Glasses-itis, Tree and Ollie's Treasure and What if...?. She also created the Boss Brain Program as she believes that understanding how the brain works is vital to really understand kid's behaviours, development and emotions.

Meet the Illustrator

Kirrili Lonergan is a picture book illustrator, art therapist and a former paediatric nurse who relates warmly to the needs of children. She is the illustrator for the Lessons of a LAC picture book series and the co-creator of the Lessons of a LAC anxiety management package. She has numerous other titles including the Healthy Harold preschool books for Life Ed Early Years Learning Program, supporting health, safety and emotional well-being in children. She was shortlisted for the Speech Pathology of Australia Awards in 2018 for 'Ollie's Treasure' and 2022 for 'But I'm NOT Hungry for my Dinner.'

Meet Loppy and Curly

Loppy and Curly are the characters behind all the titles in the Lessons of a LAC series. Loppy worries, he worries alot, and he represents anxiety externalised. Curly is part of the calmster group. He's calm, and he has the strategies to deal with worry. Together they help children to understand anxiety and to develop a tool belt of strategies to help manage their worries early in life.

"Ollie's Treasure was shortlisted for the Speech Pathology of Australia Awards in 2018"