Anxiety in Kids is HUGE. As parents, it can be tortuous to feel so helpless in the face of their struggles. This is where the Loppy and Curly approach comes in! SIMPLE. CLEAR. EASY. Loppy LAC (Little Anxious Creature) and Curly Calmster, will help your little worriers, whether they be mild or extreme, navigate through the anxious waves and storms.

Created by child Clinical Psychologist, Lynn Jenkins and Art Therapist, Kirrili Lonergan, the Lessons of a LAC series of resource picture books PLUS supporting products take a common therapeutic technique that works with children (externailsation), your child will be noticing their anxiety 'chatter' (aka Loppy) and tools to manage it (aka Curly) before you know it!

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    “Primary schoolchildren will be shown how to channel their inner calm in this story about managing anxiety. Written by clinical psychologist and mother-of three Lynn Jenkins, Lessons Of A LAC has been branded as an emotional resource to help kids develop strategies to manage their anxiety. And there are probably a few lessons in there for mum or dad as well.”

    'The Daily Telegraph'

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    “This great book is aimed at helping little anxious creatures manage anxieties … written by a clinical psychologist, this is a wonderful book for parents of anxious children."

    'The Herald Sun'

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    “It’s easy to become frustrated when things don’t turn out quite right, and this book is a great resource to help little people understand their feelings and how to deal with them. It also shows adults a positive way to respond to help their little person.”

    'Reading Time – Children’s Book Council of Australia'

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    “A wonderful way to teach my kids the importance of positivity, how we can influence our emotions and look at things differently."

    'Hip Little One'

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    'I love this material and while I'm not a teacher it has massively helped with engagement with children. It has given me countless opportunities with students and opened up conversations about what is happening for them. This will be my fifth school as a school chaplain that I have used Loppy LAC. I'm so grateful.'

    'A. Hoffman'

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