Lessons of a LAC Anxiety Management

Lessons of a LAC is an excellent resource for the classroom. Start a conversation about 'breathing'. Breathing is a simple and accessible way to calm down for all ages. Breathe in through your nose (not your mouth), let your breath fill the bottom of your lungs - it should look like your breath is pushing out your belly button, then breathe out. LONG, SLOW and DEEP are the key words here. Putting a cushion or cuddly toy on your belly button will help to emphasise the long, slow, deep breath. The cushion or cuddly toy will rise as your breath goes in.

  • Early Stage One

    With this year group it is fun to play 'STOP, THINK, WONDER.'
    Show them the illustration of Loppy
    feeling anxious. Ask them to think
    about what he might be feeling. Ask
    them to notice what it is in his body
    that tells them he is feeling that way.
    Because there is always a thought
    story behind feelings, ask them
    to wonder about what Loppy might
    be thinking to feel that way. This
    simple activity helps to improve
    body awareness and start kids at
    an early age to be aware of the
    thinking-feeling link - a CRUCIAL
    part of anxiety management!

  • Stage One

    A slightly older version of 'STOP,
    THINK and WONDER' for this year
    group, is to stop and think about
    both Loppy and Curly (that is, think
    about anxious chatter and calming
    talk). Ask the children to list some
    things Loppy might say
    (e.g., what if., I can't., I'll NEVER be
    able to.) Ask them to list some things
    Curly might say (e.g., I might give it
    a try, It's OK, Let's see what
    happens). Then ask the children to
    wonder about how they would feel
    if they listened to Loppy and how
    they would feel if they listened to
    Curly. This activity will further
    enhance children's ability
    to understand that thoughts
    influence their feelings.

  • Stage Two

    This year group can be introduced
    to 'CHOICE'. This is what it ultimately
    comes down to when managing
    anxiety. That is, choosing to listen to
    Loppy (anxious chatter) or Curly
    (calming talk).Write a list
    of 'Loppy chatter' along with a list of
    'Curly talk'.
    Cut them out so they are in
    individual words/sentences.
    Lay them out and ask the children
    to choose one. Ask each child:
    'If you held onto that thought how
    would you feel?' THEN they can
    CHOOSE to keep holding onto that
    thought OR let it go. If they choose
    to let it go ask them how they
    would feel. Perhaps ask them what
    word/sentence they would
    CHOOSE to hold onto instead.

Lessons of a LAC Anxiety Management ‘SCHOOL VISITS’

Author/clinical psychologist Lynn Jenkins and picture book illustrator/art therapist Kirrili Lonergan, regularly participate in school visits presenting the message of Lessons of a LAC. Passionate about early intervention for children and their well-being, their school visits are specifically designed to cover topics related to anxiety and mindfulness. It is a fun, interactive session that teachers, parents and students will enjoy. The session aims to increase understanding about anxiety and empowers kids to become aware of their particular anxious signs. Children will adopt a helpful way to think about anxiety and gain some ‘worry management' tools they can use straight away!

The session includes:

- A reading of Lessons of a LAC involving a puppet show.
- Explanation of anxiety in a way that kids understand.
- Demonstration of tools to manage anxiety including breathing exercises,
mindfulness, relaxation and coping statements.
- A hands on illustration session relevant to anxiety management and emotional intelligence.

(Based in Newcastle, Australia, Lynn and Kirrili are available to travel throughout the region and interstate pending availability.)

The session can also be tailored to suit your children's needs eg. 'Starting 'BIG' School the BRAVE Way!'



"The session presented by Lynn Jenkins and Kirrili Lonergan on 'Lessons of a LAC' was educational, informative and entertaining. The students were captivated from the beginning to the end and were able to take with them some great strategies for dealing with anxieties, writing stories and drawing illustrations." Gabriele Quinn,

-Teacher Librarian, Lambton Public School

Lessons of a LAC offers books, products, school packages and the Lessons of a LAC anxiety management school visits. As an early intervention resource, the Lessons of a LAC book series and products can be used in the classroom to manage kids’ anxieties. The ‘resource tool’ picture books give kids a simplified way to think about anxious chatter and provides them with fun and easy ways to manage anxiety. The finger puppets, plush toys and courage cards are just a few of the products that complement the books. For those that want to take it even further we have fun, interactive thumballs that are ideal for use in the classroom and magnetic boards with magnets that help children to become aware of Loppy's different emotions and in turn, their own! All of these products are sold in packs, to find out more, visit our shop page.

The Lessons of a LAC Anxiety Management Program, school visits can cater to all stages and optional staff PD sessions.

Contact us for enquiries regarding price and availability.

Professional Development For Teachers

Teachers are increasingly needing to manage kids anxieties within the classroom. Lynn and Kirrili present a professional development session specifically designed for teachers to manage student anxiety. After participating in this session, teacher's understanding about anxiety will increase. They will be taught simple techniques on how to manage anxiety in themselves, as well as their students. The session includes learning a variety of ways to calmly breathe and relax, the importance of mindfulness and the power of positive self-talk. Teachers will learn how to draw emotions and how to teach children, to draw emotions in order to express themselves.



"I wanted to take the opportunity to thank Lynn, Kirrili and yourself again for your presentation and workshop yesterday at the HRIS Student Wellbeing day. The content and resources that you presented proved to be a really valuable tool for those who attended to take away and consider for their own school contexts in various ways. Thanks very much for the effort that you put into preparing your workshop and for the high quality of your work. Your contribution to the day was very much appreciated!"

- Mr William Wallace, Head of Junior School, Lakes Grammar


School Packs for Teachers

In conjunction with the Lessons of a LAC books, Lynn and Kirrili have developed a set of teaching ideas and resources available for the classroom. The Lessons of a LAC school pack enables teachers to start a conversation about anxiety with their students from preschool to Year 6. With a variety of exercises for the three different stages covering Early Stage One, Stage One and Stage Two, teachers can present age-appropriate lessons to explain and manage anxiety. The teaching ideas cover a range of tools including breathing techniques, mindfulness, self-talk plus MORE!

Lessons of a LAC TEACHER Pack - Whole SHA-BANG!