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The ENTIRE 5 book series dealing with a variety of common worries the LOPPY and CURLY WAY!  The 5 book series will let you in on fun and unique strategies to ease the anxiety in your little ones. Topics include general anxiety, perfectionism, low mood, loss and starting school or new situations.


If your children are little worriers, this is the pack for you! Give them the gift of understanding and learning anxiety management strategies the LOPPY and CURLY way!

You will get:

• The ENTIRE 5 book series 

LESSONS OF A LAC, this book is a must for children, both at home and at school, especially those who are prone to worry. Early intervention is the KEY. BUT everyone worries — and big or little worries can all be managed the Loppy and Curly way!

BRAVE, the second book in the Lessons of a LAC series, provides kids with a strategy for how to face things that worry them. While kids are blessed with imagination, that can be a source of anxiety. However, it can also be tapped to help them to feel calm, confident and BRAVE!

PERFECT PETUNIAS, is a book especially for those little people who find it hard to make mistakes, designed to ’shape’ perfectionistic tendencies towards being a little more self-accepting and flexible. 

GREY-GLASSES-ITIS helps children to understand the link between how they see things and how they feel. Loppy notices that he feels differently when he looks at the world around him through different-coloured glasses. Yellow glasses make him feel cheerful. Grey glasses make him feel sad. Children will learn that a simple shift in perception can often give them some influence over their feelings, helping to build their emotional resilience.

TREE, the fifth book in the popular ‘Lessons of a LAC’ series, Tree will help children to learn how to say goodbye and process grief. Tree is the much-loved centrepiece of the community. But one day Curly and Loppy notice that Tree’s leaves are starting to fall — at the wrong time of year — and Tree’s bark is flaking. It’s Tree’s time to leave. Fortunately Curly is able to teach Loppy how to accept that Tree is leaving, say goodbye, and commemorate Tree’s life.

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Customer Reviews

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Debra Oram
So Grateful

These books were the best investment I have made for my daughter who has had to navigate not only the loss of her grandparent but also bullying at school. They have helped her understand her feelings and to know they are normal. These books have helped turn negatives into postitives for her and I am truely grateful. They also have the most beautiful pictures and are written in a way that is so easy for children to understand. Love love love Loppy.

Bottomshelf Edu Blog

Children like Loppy are present in every class, either being afraid to start something in case it is not perfect on the first attempt or giving up in tears, frustration and even anger, so a story and strategies that help them focus on the things that they have done well rather than the ‘mistakes’ they have made can go a long way towards helping them accept themselves, their activities and other people with all their imperfections. Helping them to see the glass half-full, the silver lining, the rainbow rather than the rain can lay the foundations for strong mental and emotional health in the future. Developing a mantra of “I can” rather than “I can’t” is so important if they are to take risks to try new things that will open up so many new worlds to them.

Early Childhood Book Reviews

These wonderful books was written by an experienced Australian clinical psychologist and it is full of valuable messages for Little Anxious Creatures all over the world. We love that these books offer skills to deal with anxiety and worries. It’s clever, funny and USEFUL. Helping children think about their anxiety is the first step in managing them. It opened up very useful conversations and I must say it’s even helped my anxieties a little too with being given the knowledge of some easy self-help tools! .

Great Books 🫶🏻

This pack has been a lifesaver! The 5 book series covers everything from general anxiety to handling loss, the beautifully crafted stories resonate with my kids. The adorable Loppy and Curly plushies helped me convey messages within the books. My kids love snuggling up with them at bedtime. We love it, well done girls. 🙌🏼