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The Pre-School Pack is ideal for providing early intervention for managing anxiety in little ones! You will get all 5 books in the series addressing topics such as general anxiety, perfectionism, low mood, loss and starting school or new situations. You also get a set of 'Courage Cards' to help reinforce the important messages, 'Finger Puppets' to further enhance the characters in the books and a 'Magnetic Board with Customised Magnets' to encourage emotional expression and understanding through play. Teach the children emotions such as happy, sad, angry and anxious, or make up your own! Show them how it feels when you feel anxious! Have fun with stickers and a mind jar recipe!


Learning important lessons through the medium of picture books is a GREAT approach for little ones.  Add in toys and fun, and the little ones in your care will grow up just knowing how to deal with their worries!

You will get:

• The ENTIRE Lessons Of A LAC 5 book series 

LESSONS OF A LAC, this book is a must for children, both at home and at school, especially those who are prone to worry. Early intervention is the KEY. BUT everyone worries — and big or little worries can all be managed the Loppy and Curly way!

BRAVE, the second book in the Lessons of a LAC series, provides kids with a strategy for how to face things that worry them. While kids are blessed with imagination, that can be a source of anxiety. However, it can also be tapped to help them to feel calm, confident and BRAVE!

PERFECT PETUNIAS, is a book especially for those little people who find it hard to make mistakes, designed to ’shape’ perfectionistic tendencies towards being a little more self-accepting and flexible. 

GREY-GLASSES-ITIS helps children to understand the link between how they see things and how they feel. Loppy notices that he feels differently when he looks at the world around him through different-coloured glasses. Yellow glasses make him feel cheerful. Grey glasses make him feel sad. Children will learn that a simple shift in perception can often give them some influence over their feelings, helping to build their emotional resilience.

TREE, the fifth book in the popular ‘Lessons of a LAC’ series, Tree will help children to learn how to say goodbye and process grief. Tree is the much-loved centrepiece of the community. But one day Curly and Loppy notice that Tree’s leaves are starting to fall — at the wrong time of year — and Tree’s bark is flaking. It’s Tree’s time to leave. Fortunately Curly is able to teach Loppy how to accept that Tree is leaving, say goodbye, and commemorate Tree’s life.

• Set of Loppy and Curly FINGER PUPPETS that complement all books
Read the stories with them.  Put them in pockets.  Tuck them in pillow cases and school and sleepover bags.  A constant source of reinforcement and comfort, the little finger puppets are beloved and SO useful for all.

A pack of 12 customised 'Courage Cards' in a little canvas bag that reinforce the messages in the Lessons of a LAC books and help to encourage children to think in the Curly way and manage anxiety.

• Customised set of 18 anxiety symptom MAGNETS
A set of 18 custom made magnets to illustrate the emotions of: happy, sad, angry and anxious/worry, PLUS the common physical symptoms of anxiety. The magnets are designed to engage children in a unique way to really understand how our face and body give us clues as to how we are feeling. Kids LOVE to take their turn in visually creating emotions! Specifically supports videos 4 and 5.

• Mind Jar

• Sticker Set

• White Board

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Customer Reviews

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Karen Hugo at KU Preschool, Mayfield
Thanks Lynn and Kirrili – we can’t wait for the next instalment.

Good mental health is vital for learning and life. We’ve come to understand that mental health, like physical health, is something we all have, and is something that changes over time and in different contexts. As educators we have become very interested in finding out more about how we can promote children’s wellbeing and help families with realistic strategies and support. We have used the Lessons of a LAC with our preschool children for a couple of years now to introduce and practice developmentally appropriate calming strategies. The children identify with and love the characters. They have fun using the plush characters and describing how Loppy or Curly might face a feeling or situation. They use the strategies and remind and help one another when they see a friend struggling with big emotions. Lynn and Kirrili came recently to share their newest book Perfect Petunias. The children have dived back in to the discussions about how the characters deal with feelings of frustration and disappointment about not being ‘good enough’. We have adopted the “just try your best” message and planted petunias all around our preschool to remind us all that sometimes we ALL need to just “let out petunias grow”!

Hip Little One
Perfect for kids

A wonderful way to teach my kids the importance of positivity, how we can influence our emotions and look at things differently.